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We can send any quantity of these fasteners to any public or private address internationally without restriction, and keep a good stock ready for immediate dispatch. If you live in the UK and require some hooding fasteners, or any other car trimming supplies, please feel free to use the shopping cart. If you live outside of the UK but would like to order, please email us with your total car trimming supplies requirements and we’ll send you an individual quote based on the order volume and your location.

Durable Dot

Durable Dot

Part dia. 15.0mm (58")

Part ht. 7.0mm (14")

Hood Turnbuttons

Hood Turnbuttons

Part ht. 32.0mm (114")

Part depth. 18.0mm (34")

Tenax Fasteners

Tenax Fasteners

Part dia. 21.0mm (1316")

Part ht. 15.0mm (58")

Carpet Fasteners

Carpet Fasteners

Part dia. 24.0mm (1516")

Hole dia. 19.0mm (34")

Hog Rings

Auto Spec

All materials



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