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We stock and sell headlining materials for the underside of the cabin roof of cars, buses, vans and other motor vehicles. Whether your vehicle’s original interior headlining is/was a PCV, brush nylon, wool headlining or other faux suede style material, you will find something suitable within the pages here. Whether you’re a mainland GB, UK or international customer, we can send our headlining materials and other car trimming supplies to you without restriction to you location wherever you are in the world. Get in touch for sales and information about our headlining materials and car trimming supplies.

Brush Nylon Headlining

Brush Nylon Headlining

1.4m (54") wide roll

3.0mm (18") thick

PVC Headlining

PVC Headlining

1.55m (62") wide roll

0.8mm (132") thick

Wool Headlining

Wool Headlining

1.5m (60") wide roll

1.0mm (132") thick

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