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Vehicle insulation from heat and/or sound need not be a difficult task. You can purchase the car trimming materials you need for insulating your vehicle cabin interior (as well as other parts of the vehicle) from excessive noise and/or vibration, as well as from excessive heat coming from the engine, for example. These car insulation materials as well as other car trimming supplies are available for purhase to a nationwide and worldwide audience.



1.4m (54") wide roll

10.0mm (2564") thick



1.5m (60") wide roll

6.0mm (114") thick

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

50cm (20") x 50cm (20")

2.0mm (116") thick

If you live in the UK and require some vehicle heat and/or sound insulation materials, we can surely help you out. Even if you’re an international customer we can still send our vehicle insulation materials to you without restriction using an international courier service. For domestic enquiries, please call or use the shopping cart, and be international orders we invite you to email us for an individual quote.

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