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Just received my mini bike seat and have to say I am absolutely delighted. Many years ago ie about ten when you were just becoming involved in yer pa's buisness he sorted out my Griffith 5L and hosted my visit.

We had a few beers as he very kindly offered to bring me out that evening to see a Radio One DJ .. Think it was Steve Moyles yer dad even lent me his jeep for the day as he was playing golf.

Anyway just to cut to the chase I knew Martrim wouldn't let me down, silly as it seems the wee mini bike seat you recently did was so important to the project and I was very anxious that it came back as original as possible.

As it is a major factor in this particular estoration .. This wee mini bike I am working on is a very sentimental project to me and is costing a clean fortune so needs to be 100% right and as close to original as poss.

I don't usually write big stories etc but felt it necessary to complement your team or whoever did the work as it is absolutely perfect and more importantly has helped me retain the motivation to complete the project.

Please convey my regards

27/3/2014 - Personal testimonial from John Douglas