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Auto Leather Hides

The industry for auto leather hides is a specialised one. Not everybody can meet the needs of customers, but meeting customer needs has been a speciality of Martrim since the company was founded in 1976. We are firm believers that customers looking for auto leather hides with a noticably high level of quality should be given what they demand. Recently, Martrim have taken a bold step into cyberspace and launched a highly detailed product catalogue, giving you an up close and personal experience of our products before an order is placed. Auto leather hides are used in several important ways on vehicle interiors, and so it is paramount that you consult an experienced partner such as Martrim. Martrim are a dynamic company with some deeply established beliefs that our customers should be provided what they demand, and that should their business grow, their increased demands are met. For this reason, we purposely keep our stock levels high so as to cater for the high volume demands of major names in the industry for auto leather hides. We are ideally placed in Cheshire to serve the entire United Kingdom, and we are of course close to several international ports, making us a global company. We're happy to handle the demands of customers from many established markets, as we frequently do, but we're often receiving orders from new and emerging markets, which of course we are also pleased to handle. If you are looking for auto leather hides, then there really is no better company to call than Martrim.