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Automotive Leather

Trimming your car is no small thing, after a house, it's likely to be one of the biggest investments that individuals are going to make in their lifetimes. It is our belief that you should have the best possible idea of exactly what it is before you are buying before you buy it. That's why at Martrim, we introduced an online catalogue to our website, enabling our customers the very best chance available to actually experience their purchase before they make it. Just click on one of the hundreds of automotive leather thumbnails, for an expanded and highly detailed close up to appear before you. Use the left and right keys to scroll between shades. We consider this interface not just as a shop window, but a way of improving the buying experience for our customers of automotive leather. Our automotive leather is regularly used for the trimming of car seating, but other uses can include panelling and even the coverings for a steering wheel. Different uses can require different grains of automotive leather, but give us a call and we will be happy to advise you. Additionally, we keep our stock levels high so we can meet the demands of any customer who calls. Based more-or-less centrally in England, we are ideally located for deliveries of automotive leather to your individual trimming concern, garage, or supply line. The automotive leather that passes through our hands has been cherry picked from the best manufacturers so that you receive the best possible end product. We've a reputation for providing exceptional customer service to our contact base, be they large or small, so with Martrim, you are in safe hands. Contact us today for sales and further information.