Martrim Blog

High Volume Hide Supplier

Martrim is known for supplying top quality hides in a comprehensive range of styles and textures, as well as various vinyls, vinide leather cloths and many other automotive trimming components. If you are looking to scale your business operations then you need a supplier to meet your growing demands. None is better placed than Martrim as a leading high volume hide supplier to UK trimmers and car companies. We're placed close to Manchester, making us ideally located to deliver scalable quantities of top quality products to all the major cities of the United Kingdom. We're right in the middle of everything, and conveniently placed near to several international ports for exporting. It's not just our location that sets us apart from our competition. We're a family run business with strong values close to our hearts. It is our firm belief that we distribute products we see fit to be used for automotive purposes. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we don't sell it. Over the years we've built a network of contacts around the world, enabling us to meet even out-of-the-ordinary demands for custom leather hides, vinyl, carpeting, hooding and much more, and at high volume. Hide suppliers like Martrim don't grow on trees. It's taken many years to reach our level and we are proud to serve the automotive industry today.