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Cart Trimming Supplies

We find that a steady stream of requests finds its way to us regarding cart trimming supplies. Perhaps it's the area in which we live in the green belt around Manchester, but we find there is a constant demand for quality cart trimming supplies from the equestrian community. For both internal and external use, Martrim is a leading provider of the materials needed to trim a cart to perfection. We have the knowledge and the stock to provide a full service for cart trimming. Supplies include both the necessary leather hides, and the foams needed for padding, along with the carpets needed for lining the sides of cabins. Our cart trimming materials are suitable for individual trimming concerns, large names in the equestrian world, as well as being able to trim a cart ourselves. We have in house teams with the skills and experience necessary to produce a fine trimming job that is both professional and durable. We recommend that those interested in our cart trimming supplies check out our highly detailed online catalogue. We are located close to junction 17 on the M6, and this makes us easily accessable for customers around the country. Pick up the phone and give us a call for pricing and further information.