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Automotive Vinyl

Choosing the right automotive vinyl is an important part to finishing the trimming of a vehicle or adding a professional touch to a bicycle seat. In fact, many people choose vinyl over leather hide for external use not just to keep costs to a minimum, but for its high water tolerance. It's not just in the case of trimming tasks related to things automotive, vinyl is used extensively in the marine industry for things such as boat canopies and seat coverings. All through out history, we have been dedicated to providing the UK and beyond with the best automotive vinyls we have been able to find. Our catalogue is full of highly detailed product listings related to our best selling automotive vinyls, so you can gain an accurate as possible idea of exactly what you are buying, before you even place the order. Automotive vinyls are typically used on a number of British sports cars such as Jaguar and MG, and many come with matching leather hides that can be ordered for the more highly visible parts of a vehicle. We find that we are ideally placed in Cheshire to serve the entire UK, so why not swing by and check out the range of quality automotive vinyls we have in stock for yourselves? Our catalogue features more than 40 exactly matching vinyls to our range of automotive leathers, so choose us as a one stop shop for all your automotive vinyl needs.