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Perforated Leather

Perforated leather can be an excellent finishing touch to highly visible areas within a vehicle, and is likely to add value too. There's a steady demand for perforated leather and we at Martrim devote a certain amount of our stock to hides and other auto trim materials (such as vinyl) that have been perforated. Leather hides from our catalogues can be perforated in most cases, so if you have a custom requirement the best thing to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Also, ask around to hear the reputation we have built in recent years for supplying great perforated leather to our customers. In a large number of cases, perforated leather can be used to give a luxurious appearance to headlinings and seat centres, although it could equally be used in door panels. Perforated leather is sometimes used to cover steering wheels and dashboards in family cars, in addition to its widespread use in the luxury vehicle market. If you're looking for a supplier of perforated leather then try us for our convenient location in the heart of England. We are directly connected to the M6, meaning we are very well linked to the major national transport routes. Choose Martrim for reliable supplies of perforated leather due to our in-house capabilities and high levels of stock.