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Leather Trim

At Martrim, Leather trim is our passion. We have supplied and distributed quality leather trim to our customers around the country and around the world, building up a reputation as a name to be trusted in the industry. We believe that customers should be able to source the best quality leather trim available, and in the exact style they require. For this reason, we stock large volumes of leather trim in a broad range of popular and rare shades and textures, so we can meet any demands that come our way. Leather trim can be used for purposes such as seat coverings, as well as for dashboards, seat centres and even headlinings of family and working vehicles. We at Martrim are also able to offer a perforation service, meaning you can have your leather trim in exactly the way you want it. We stock high levels of our leather trim, meaning that we're able to provide a constant supply to our customers, and we're centrally located for easy transportation. You could come and see our leather trim for yourself in Sandbach, or get a great idea with our online catalogue of products.