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Trim Supplies

Martrim is a dedicated provider of quality trim supplies. We are established in the industry and have a history extending back to the 70s. It's our belief that the trimming industry needs reliable trim suppliers, so since our very beginnings we have been on call to serve the demands of independent trimmers up and down the country, as well as the biggest names in car manufacturing, including Bentley. We have a reputation built on solid customer service, but also for providing the highest quality and most reliable trim supplies. Trim supplies are cheifly used for car interiors, although other vehicles have similar requirements such as campervans and other recreational vehicles, all the way up to large passenger vehicles such as coaches and buses. Exterior usage is also seen with equestrian carts and the occasional boat canopy. Whatever your need, give us a call to discuss the trim supplies you really need. We keep our stock levels high, so even if you are looking for a high volume supplier, don't be afraid to give us a shout! We're ideally located in Cheshire, in the North West of England, making us well accessible to visitors, but also able to distribute and ship universally. Give Martrim a call today to discuss the trim supplies you need.