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Leather Car Seats

If you love your car, you'll want leather car seats to shine off your vehicle interior to its very finest. Leather for car seats begins its life as crust, which is the material taken from a cow's back after slaughter for meat. After softening, these skins are tanned and dried to produce the fine automotive spec material we use to make leather car seats. A trimmer then wraps the seating form in the leather hide to cover a car interior leaving no padding or foam visible. Leather car seats not only look great and feel superb, they can also add value to a vehicle. At Martrim, our mission is to be a one-stop shop for the needs of the trimming industry, which we have been steadily progressing towards since our company founding in 1976. We stock all manner of car trimming supplies so if you're looking to retrim your leather car seats or upgrade to leather, then check out our online catalogue of auto upholstery and give our friendly sale team a call on 01270 767771 to arrange a delivery. We dispatch via courier, so in most cases the consignment can be fullfilled on a next day service.