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Car Leather

When on the lookout for quality car leather, remember the name Martrim. We have hundreds of automotive standard leather hides ready in stock and awaiting dispatch to trimmers and private individuals around the UK, Europe, and further afield. We have constructed a meticulously detailed online catalogue, enabling our customers the unprecedented ability to explore close up the intricate grain contours of our car leather products before they buy. Since its launch in 2010, our online catalogue of car trimming & auto upholstery supplies has enabled hundreds of different companies and individuals to find precisely what they were looking for, and to know just what to expect when ordering. We feel that this brand experience sets us apart from the competition. In our industry-leading online car leather catalogue, we have a specially created and laid out sample photographs of our product range to help you understand our business, virtually. Once you have found the car leather or auto upholstery product you need, just pick up the phone and call 01270 767771 or get in touch via the contact form to begin the sales process.