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Leather Hides UK

Buying a single leather hide in the UK, or find a partner to supply leather hides in the UK is made easy for you by Martrim. We're known locally, nationally, and internationally for providing the trimming industry with small and large scale deliveries of the best automotive quality leather hides. UK standards are perhaps the most stringent in the world, and nobody is exempt. We at Martrim believe in rising to challenges, and so we source the best leather hides from around the UK and world, distributing them according to demand. We at Martrim not only have an incredible range of stock ready to be dispatched to any part of the UK. Leather hides we stock are available permanently and in higher quantities than usual if necessary. This doesn't apply simply to leathers, but all other trimming materials. Supplying great leather hides to the UK has been the speciality of Martrim since 1976. We source our stock from the best known producers of quality leather hides. UK companies, and indeed UK customers are known fo Based more-or-less centrally in England, we are ideally located for deliveries of automotive leather to your individual trimming concern, garage, or supply line. Check out our online catalogue and contact us today for sales and further information. The automotive leather that passes through our hands has been cherry picked from the best producers so that you receive the best possible end product. We've a reputation for providing exceptional customer service to our contact base, be they large or small, national or international, so with Martrim, you are in safe hands.