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Bus Trimming Supplies

A bus is above all, a people carrier. Above that, a bus is a carrier of paying customers. Considering the profile of the average paying customer for a moment, they demand to be treated well, and one great way to treat your customers well is to provide them with adequat seating. Bus trimming supplies usually consist of large volumes of fabric, or in the case of luxury travel, often more than 20 leather hides. We at Martrim believe that if you're in search of bus trimming supplies or materials, then it's our duty to see to it that you have what you require. Over the years, we've trimmed a number of larger vehicles including a number of bus fleets, so why not pick up the phone to see if we have the right bus trimming supplies for you? We're not only supplying leather hides, vinyls and fabrics for seat coverings. Bus trimming supplies covers a greater area than just that. In fact, we are a one stop shop that can also deliver the side lining carpeting, rubber matting, headlining materials, plus much more. So if you have a requirement for bus trimming supplies, then pick up the phone or drive to meet us at our conveniently located head office in Sandbach, Cheshire, just off the M6 Juntion 17. With Martrim, you get everything under one roof, and we're stocking high levels of many rare and custom hides that you simply can't get elsewhere.