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How To Buy Leather

It's important to know your A to Z when buying or preparing to buy leather, and this is a quick 101 of tips and hints on how to buy leather in a way that's beneficial to you, your business and for the end product, the interior of your car, van, bus or boat. As leather is a natural product, it's not sold in quite the same manner as other upholstery products, such as vinyl, for example. There's no standard size, and each hide as such holds a unique value. Hides are measured individually by the tannery by laser, and from this figure, we calculate the value of each hide that we sell. If you're looking for a quote on quality auto leather hides, then pick up the phone and give us a shout, as we keep hundreds in stock ready for dispatch. We sell leather by the hide, and by the half hide. We cater for the needs of individual car owners and enthusiasts, profession car trimmers, as well as large trimming companies and even car manufacturers, so please fee free to give us a show if you're after some advice on how to buy leather. A member of our friendly sales team is ready and waiting to take your call on 01270 767771 for sales and info.