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Brazilian Crust

With its massive natural resources, Brazil produces a lot of great products. Brazilian crust makes up the bulk of the standard grain auto hide range available through Martrim. This we find to be a great mix of quality and affordability. For most internal purposes, Brazilian crust is the ideal material to use in vehicles. It's stronger than upholstry leather, durable enough to withstand the type of heavy usage experienced within a car. It's strong enough not to stretch, which can been seen in car seating where corners have been cut, and sub standard leathers have been used. We at Martrim have tried a few producers in our time, and we're pretty confident we've found the best, and offer the best Brazilian crust we can bring to the UK market. We're passionate about car interiors, so we only supply leather hides we would be happy to use on our own vehicles. Of course, Brazilian crust hides are the industry standard for automotive purposes. We've hundreds of highest quality hides sourced from Brazilian crust ready and waiting in our own storage facilities, so that we can meet the demands that come our way. We pride ourself in catering for the needs of companies both large and small, because we know what it's like to be starting out. Being in Cheshire, we are ideally positioned more or less centrally in the UK to distribute our quality hides, made from Brazilian crust, to all the major cities easily. Give us a call for supplies of quality Brazilian crust hides today and request a sample.