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Auto Hides

As a customer handing over hard-earned cash for goods, you wouldn't expect sloppy service or second rate goods. It's our belief at Martrim that each and every customer should receive second-to-none service each and every time, and a product truly worthy of sale. We cherry pick the best auto hides from the best producers and manufacturers to offer a centralised supply offering a comprehensive range on tap to the individual trimmer and trade customer alike. No other company that we know of is better placed to meet the demands for auto hides that we readily satisfy for leading names in the automotive industry. Over the years we've carefully managed and nurtured a great reputation, and to many we are considered synonymous with the industry for auto hides. Our products are versatile and used by individuals and industry partners in vehicles of all kinds to provide an excellent finishing touch. With Martrim, not only do you get what you pay for, you also get what you ask for, as anybody who has bought auto hides fro We don't like to live in a restricted manner, and this is reflected in our range of auto hides. We decided we didn't want our customers to choose from a colour range that didn't meet their exact requirements, so we built a product range as large as we could accommodate, and keep it topped up so that we can answer even high volume orders at short notice. On top of that, we've launched a superb catalogue that enables you to check the shade and grain of our entire range of best selling auto hides. Our customers have the benefit of seeing what they are ordering in a close up and personal way before they place the order. Additionally, we are ideally placed to serve the entire UK and wider world, making us a clear leader in the auto hide industry for providing the best available products and at great value.