Headlining Kits - A tutorial

Hi Josh,

It was great to meet you at Billing, as discussed I've attached pictures of my headlining. Hope they are of use to you and I will continue to recommend you.

I haven't managed to get a picture of my interior yet, the landy needs a few repairs (nothing major) but will wipe our pennies for now especially with it being the summer holidays!

We are hoping to make it to Peterborough though (which in my opinion is better than Billing) which is where I first noticed your company and people strolling around with this lovely fabric.

Removing the old headlining is simply a matter of peeling the old material away. With a bit of luck it'll come off in a single piece.
Scrape away any remaining material or adhesive residue, sanding if necessary to reveal an entirely cleansed roofing card.
Drape the new material over the top of the roofing card. Material and adhesives featured are one of our Land Rover/Range Rover/Discovery Headlining Kits can be ordered online.
Taking good care not to over-stretch the fabric, use the natural stretch in the material to follow the contours of the headlining card.
Once complete, the headlining card should be quite simple to reattach inside the roof of your motor.
Behold the finished article.

This is the link I used to help me remove the headlining which is most people's biggest query, there are a couple of good videos of generic headlings being recovered on you tube that also helped give you a method of recovering it.

What prompted me to recover the headlining was due to a leak, which thankfully I no longer have! Roof rails and windscreen were the culprits (highly recommend a product called Captain Tolleys it's worked brilliantly)

A wire brush with very gentle pressure, some sharp scissors and patience it took a weekend to complete and that's with four boys running around (the packaging you sent the headlining in made a great workspace protector too-being my dining room table!).

I would love to get the two front seats sorted in the future as this will finish her off nicely. Have a wonderful summer and hope to meet you again.

Kindest Regards

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